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About us

Korlam and Lamcol are leading Belgian manufacturers of glulam and CLT.

In this field of products we offer:

  • design & engineering
  • production
  • transport
  • construction

Many years of experience with the products and the continuing drive to follow both technical and architectural evolution, make that our companies are market leaders in following industries:

  • commercial
  • educational
  • health care
  • industrial
  • offices
  • public
  • residential
  • sports

Our activities are mainly focussed on the project market:

  • construction companies
  • architects
  • real estate
  • other professional clients

Korlam, Lamcol and Spanbo (construction of industrial buildings) are companies of Groep Terryn. Main shareholder is CFE, quoted on Euronext Brussels, an industrial Belgian group, active in Dredging, marine engineering and environment, Contracting and Real estate development. The group is located all over the world. Click here for more information.

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Our laminated timber structures are made of softwood, originating from sustainably managed northern forests.
Modern production techniques and stringent quality guarantee specific product features and make the laminated wood into a full, competitive, durable and aesthetic building material.
Our products are certified FSC and/or PEFC, CE, ATG and KOMO.


  • Timber: originating from sustainably managed northern forests: spruce, pine or larch
  • Strength grades: GL24h and GL28h
  • Bonding: MUF glue
  • Calculations: according Eurocode 5 (part 1 and part 2)
  • Standard widths: 9cm - 11.5cm - 14cm - 18.5cm - 21cm - 23cm - (26cm)
  • Standard thicknesses: 22mm - 34mm - 45mm
  • Maximum length: 42m (transport)
  • Maximum height: 220cm


  • Natural and renewable timber product, produced in a energy friendly production process and thus very positive impact on reduction of CO² emissions
  • Combines aesthetic and properties
  • Broad architectural freedom and (bended) shapes
  • Excellent weight / strength ratio
  • Excellent fire resistant properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemical influences (chlorine, salt, compost, manure, …)
  • Good dimensional stability when subjected to temparature and moisture
  • Easy fixation of secundary elements
  • Free of maintenance when used in normal interior climate
  • Free spans up to 42 metres


Based on >40 years of experience in glued laminated timber structures we offer with Buildinx (Build in Cross Laminated Timber) CLT mainly solutions for the project market.
Currently our experience includes construction of buildings between 3 to 6  levels.
Our own CLT model house with € 0 energy consumption on yearly basis and a E-level of -14 is open to visits by appointment.
Our service includes design & enineering, production, transport and installation.


  • Timber: spruce, originating from sustainably managed forests
  • Strength grades: S10 by DIN 4074 resp. C24 by EN338
  • Layers: minimum 3 and maximum 11 cross-wise glued layers with general symmetrical structure
  • Bonding: PU, formaldehyde and solvent free
  • Calculations: according Eurocode 5 (part 1 and part 2)
  • Standard thicknesses: between 60mm and 300mm
  • Maximum length: 16m
  • Maximum height: 3.5m


  • Natural and renewable timber product, produced in a energy friendly production process and thus very positive impact on reduction of CO² emissions
  • Solid built-up assures strenght and stability, including for seismic regions
  • Air- and wind tightness is assured by the cross laminated production method of the panels and requires lesser finising steps during the construction in general
  • Contributes to thermal efficiency with a thermal conductivity of 0.13 W/mK
  • Acoustic solutions avoid creeping floors, air- and contact sounds
  • Allows mostly thinner construction = more interior surface m² or more space for additional insulation
  • Different surface finishings are possible
  • Lightweight and dry building method
  • Excellent fire resistance properties
  • Highy suitable for high-rise construction
  • The elements are ready-to-use with rebates, exact window and door cut-out-openings, moulded chases and holes, in one word completely joined, are delivered directly to the building site


Kielsteg is a new type of wooden structural element. It uses strips of spruce timber to form top and bottom flanges, which are connected by webs of plywood or OSB.
Kielsteg is manufactured in a fully industrial process and has outstanding structural properties.
The design places the material exactly where it is needed for loadbearing performance, resulting in an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio.
Special manufacturing technology and the choice of materials give Kielsteg elements excellent scalability.
The result is a highly economical construction element made from the renewable resource wood


  • Application: structural floor- and roof-constructions
  • Construction type: sandwich type with wooden timber flanges (spruce) and intermediate webs in OSB or Plywood
  • Surface: industry quality / visual quality, planed and untreated
  • Element: straight or with a predefined camber
  • Element width: 1.200mm, assembly width: 1.165mm
  • Height: 228 - 280 - 380 - 485 - 560 - 615 - 730 - 800mm
  • Length: 5.00m - 27.00m
  • Fire resistance: REI 30 - REI 60 are possible
  • Longitudinal edge: profiled with joints
  • Service Class: service classes 1 and 2
  • Bonding: MUF glue
  • Wood moisture content: wood moister content in use 12% ± 3%
  • Change in the width: longitudinal: 0.01% per % wood moisture content
  • Lateral: 0.25% per % wood moisture content


  • Economical solution for clear spans from 5m - 27m
  • Increased flexibility of use of the enclosed space due to support-free spans
  • Kielsteg elements are also manufactured with predefined camber
  • Good for cantilevered roof constructions of up to 10m
  • Scalability is ensured by an innovative manufacturing process
  • Lightweight
  • Very rapid installation time
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News & events

Kielsteg is now CPD certified.

We would be pleased to run a CPD at your offices, for more information please contact

Mr. James Sweet - Business Development Support

T +44 (0) 1375 85 67 45

UK partner MBM Forest Products.

We are proud to have appointed MBM Forest Products (Part of the Consolidated Timber Holdings Group of Companies)  as our UK Market Development Partner.

MBM Founded in 1920 are one of the largest and most well established timber specialist in the UK.

Korlam wins TTJ Award 'Achievement in Engineered Timber'.

About 420 guests from across the UK timber trade gathered at the Brewery in London for the annual TTJ Awards. We are very proud to announce Korlam has won this year's TTJ Award 'Achievement in Engineered Timber'. Full coverage will appear also in the next issue of TTJ.

Kielsteg is a system of flat wooden structural elements intended for use as load-bearing roofs and structural floors. The technology is not in competition with the other established glued wood products Korlam manufactures such as glulam or CLT, but it expands the spectrum of possibilities of building with wood.

Buildinx to build again tallest CLT building.

  • Currently Buildinx is erecting a 6 storey CLT accomodation for students in Namur (B).

  • After experience with CLT buildinngs of 4 and 5 storeys in Belgium and the Netherlands we reconfirm our CLT market leading role for the project market/development.

  • In cooperation with Ney&Partners - structural engineering Brussels.


  • As innovative manufacturer of glulam and CLT, both Korlam and Lamcol are working already with CADWORK 3D modelling software.
  • Recently we have expanded our software with IFC in order to meet latest engineering technologies of Building Information Modeling (BIM).


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Contact us

Korlam NV

Breulstraat 111
B-8890 Moorslede
T +32 51 78 88 88
F +32 51 78 88 89

Lamcol SA

Z.I. Aux Minieres 12
B-6900 Marche-en-Famenne
T +32 84 31 52 74
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Design & engineering

Amoung our activities we offer in-house design & engineering services:

  • advice to engineers, architects, building owners, …
  • for fizing / price estimate
  • implementation study for orders by general contractor
  • calculation notes
  • elaborating connection details
  • layout implementation and production plans
  • production and CNC machining
  • installation
  • BIM-ready!
  • Buildinx production
  • Buildinx production
  • CE
  • glulam CNC


The production of our glulam beams and CLT meets most modern and most stringent quality requirements.

Our production includes:

  • CNC production process
  • high size accuracy
  • a continuous and controlled environment

For the glulam beams we are able to deliver all installation accessories such as steel fixation plates, bracing, ...
According request we produce glulam beams suitable for visible, semi-visible or unvisible fixation of the steel plates.
For long-term durability purposes our glulam beams are finished with a 'pale oke' varnish.
In CLT different surface qualities are possible according the desired further cladding of the panels and all routing is done in the factory.
This ensures a very fast and easy construction time on site.

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The delivery of glulam beams up to 42m and large CLT panels takes special preparation.
We have proven experience in transport preparation, -methods and on-site handling.
Our logistic service is able to provide a variety of transport solutions including deliveries by land with standard or exceptional trucks or by sea (container loading).
For special projects a custom made solution can be discussed.

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Next to design, engineering and production we also dispose of our own installation teams and site managers.
This ensures our clients efficiency during the entire building process.